Let’s become

Investing like Buffett &
Munger on the path to
financial freedom.

Michelle Marki, Millennial Investor

The Power of Investing = Freedom 

Hey friends! I’m Michelle Marki, and I’ve embarked on a Buffett & Munger-style investing journey that can unlock a life of FIRE (the much-coveted Financial Independence, Retire Early movement).

Like many Millennials, I went to college, acquired student debt, paid it off, and got on a professional career path to save money for retirement. But I realized the common ways we save and invest don’t necessarily lead to us to being financially free.

My goal is to empower everyone to not only be the masters of our financial fates, but to also be the captains of our own money management. Join me as I hope my videos and blogs based on my learning experiences will educate and entertain you on our collective pursuit of wealth and happiness.
Finally, let’s remember to have fun along the way! Sincerely,

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