2021 Guru Portfolios: Buffett, Munger, Pabrai, Spier & My Wish List

2021 Guru Portfolios: Buffett, Munger, Pabrai, Spier & My Wish List

In this video I share how I track my favorite guru investors’ current portfolios among Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Mohnish Pabrai, and Guy Spier and how that may affect what stocks end up on my wish list to maybe buy.

Around the time I recorded this video, I know the markets were reacting negatively to the Fed signaling that they might raise interest rates sooner than anyone expected, by late 2022. But no matter what few percentage point fluctuations there might be currently, to me these moves are small potatoes compared to what I think could be coming in the medium term future.

Buffett is sitting in $141 billion of cash right now, not seemingly buying much. At the 2021 Berkshire Meeting, Buffett said didn’t think the market was too overvalued, but his actions say otherwise.

Recent headlines include Buffett resigning from the Gates Foundation. Otherwise Buffett is probably enjoying ice cream this summer.

The biggest news with Charlie and Mohnish was that they bought Alibaba, and I’ve learned that Mohnish is continuing to buy Alibaba.

I reviewed the portfolios of my favorite guru investors that were from the Q1 2021 time period. I use the website Dataroma’s display of the 13-F filings of superinvestors to study what companies’ stocks they’ve bought, sold, or just currently own.

I would then check out some of these companies that they’re invested in to see if they’re within my circle of competence in order for me to also maybe invest in. Some of the gurus have mutual positions that I’ve illustrated in a table, and these are also some companies to consider.

I like observing how much bearish and bullish sentiment there is surrounding some of the companies that are on my wish list based on the 72 Dataroma superinvestors’ activity.

Most of the time I’m just learning and studying, and I’m lucky if I can buy something once or twice a year since I’m striving to invest for the long term.

I wish I could know an easy way to know how much stock buybacks that companies are doing, because I haven’t seen a compiled list online. We have to find this out individually from each company’s 10-Q or 10-K usually.

In Buffett’s 2020 Berkshire annual letter, he indicated that he doesn’t think Berkshire shares should be repurchased at simply any price, unlike what a lot of other American CEOs tend to do. But they did buy back $24.7 billion worth of BRK-A last year and are continuing some buybacks in 2021.

I’m going to continue learning about the companies I’m interested in owning or own already, including Alibaba. I seek out more information about whether its moat is still in tact. Like Mohnish says when he advocates for shameless cloning, “heads I win, and tails I don’t lose much!”

I also check out the social media activity of Mohnish and Guy Spier. I wish Buffett and Munger had Instagram or Twitter, though I know they never would. But Buffett would probably feature burgers, coke, and ice cream if he had an instagram!

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