7 Accounts Everyone Needs For Financial Freedom

7 Accounts Everyone Needs For Financial Freedom

In my latest YouTube video, I suggest getting at least one of each of these 7 account types in order to reach financial freedom! Let’s give our money a job to do by being as productive as it can be in each of these account types!

Check out the following chapter headings:
One: Checking Account
Two: Savings or Money Market Account
Three: 401k Plan
Four: Roth IRA
Five: Health Savings Account (HSA)
Six: Individual Investing Brokerage Account
Seven: Credit Cards

I believe by appropriately allocating capital and using these accounts responsibly, we can achieve our dreams of financial independence and the ability to retire early.

Let me know how you maximize the bonuses and benefits of each of these accounts in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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