7 Money Truths I Wish Someone Told Me Sooner

7 Money Truths I Wish Someone Told Me Sooner

I wish I knew these seven money truths earlier in life but I’m glad I had these realizations along my personal finance and investing journey toward financial freedom. Make sure you watch my YouTube video for all the juicy details! 🙂

I come from a fairly modest background, so when I was younger I used to worry about not having enough money. I wanted to really try to figure out a path for becoming wealthier and not just be in debt like my parents were. I wanted to be able to have a good handle on my money and my investing. And to be confident about how I’m investing, saving, and making money.

I’ve tried my best to try to figure all this out, and I hope these money truths will help you too!

1: Inner Scorecard & Financial Minimalism
2: Learn To Invest As A Teenager
3: Know Your Money Making Options
4: Get Lots Of Scholarship Money!
5: Avoid Mediocre Investments
6: Avoid Debt
7: Extra Warranties Aren’t Worth It

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