Welcome to my Investing Adventures!

My name is Michelle Marki and I’m going to entertain and educate you with my globe-trotting Millennial investing and personal finance lifestyle and outlook. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are my topmost financial role models, and I’m on a journey to help others and myself become our own lifelong money/fund managers.

Welcome to a Buffett and Munger-ville community (an updated approach of the Graham and Doddsville set of principles and values), where I’m applying their teachings to my practice of investing. It’s not going to be easy but it’s a simple system that has worked for decades for my favorite billionaires and their disciples.

With the help of my financially savvy older cousins, I created my first Roth IRA retirement account as soon as I was legally allowed to, the day I turned 18! Back then, the FIRE movement for “Financial Independence, Retire Early” wasn’t a coined term, but I always knew I wanted to become a millionaire and retire early someday. I’m grateful my immigrant Baby Boomer parents worked hard trying to achieve the American Dream of home ownership and provide a good education for their children. And yet like so many other Millennials and their families, my siblings and I all had student debt we had to overcome before we could start building wealth.

I’m proud to be part of the Millennial generation where traits like “hustle” and “grit” are among our most defining characteristics. I know I don’t want to have to work into my 60s like my parents had to, and I’ll bring you on what I hope will be my illustrious journey to financial freedom. Even though I made a promise to myself to become a millionaire, the point is to self-actualize on the road to enjoying the beauty and wisdom of an investing mindset and lifestyle. The daily grind will cease to become a task, and life will become a natural and simple, fun adventure. Thank you for joining me on this FIRE path!

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