Apple Stock Analysis AAPL

Apple Stock Analysis With Alejandro Salcedo (AAPL)

Alejandro and Michelle discuss Apple, the most dominant tech company on the stock market.

Alejandro shared his financial analysis of Apple’s balance sheet and how they keep growing despite the odds.

With Apple having a $3 Trillion market cap, you would think AAPL would start slowing down but nope!

Despite Warren Buffett claiming for years not to be someone who understands tech, he hit a home run by investing in Apple around 2016 and after.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is super dedicated to Apple’s success and he attends the Berkshire Hathaway annual meetings as well.

The Apple brand and its ecosystem (network effects) help to grow its market share and financial strength.

Buffett said that Berkshire’s piece of the Apple pie keeps growing because Apple keeps buying back shares.

It was really kind of Alejandro to present his company analysis with me, so thank you my friend!

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