Brookfield Asset Management Stock Discussion With Gabe (BAM/BN)

Brookfield Asset Management Stock Discussion With Gabe (BAM/BN)

My friend Gabe and I discussed what’s going on with Brookfield Corporation and its spinoff Brookfield Asset Management.

Gabe aka Fuhat shared his insights into the many worlds of Brookfield, an area that was intriguing because Mohnish Pabrai had invested into this company once upon a time. In addition, Brookfield owns Oaktree Capital Group which is managed by acclaimed investor Howard Marks.

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On December 12, 2022 the former holding company Brookfield Asset Management was renamed Brookfield Corporation and changed its ticker from BAM to BN. It spun off 25% of Brookfield Corporation’s asset management business was spun off as a “new” Brookfield Asset Management with ticker BAM.

Brookfield is a leading global alternative asset manager with about $850 billion of assets under management across infrastructure, private equity, real estate, renewable power & transition, and credit. On behalf of institutional and retail clients, Brookfield Asset Management manages public and private investment products and services.

In Q3 2022, it seemed Mohnish Pabrai took advantage of this special situation by initially investing into BAM, which became BN. Then he owned both BN and BAM for a time before selling out of BAM in Q1 2023. To my surprise, he also fully sold out of BN by Q2 2023.

It was really kind of Gabe to share his professional insights with me, so thank you my friend!

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