Charlie Munger's 100 Years Of Wisdom To Become Rich

Charlie Munger’s 100 Years Of Wisdom To Become Rich

Enjoy Charlie Munger’s wisdom for those on the journey to become rich. If you can gain competence from many disciplines and develop business savvy, the sky is the limit in how much wealth you can gain.

What I understood from Charlie’s talk is that it’s better to be a Jack of All Trades with multidisciplinary skills and tools like a Swiss Army Knife than to be a one trick pony.

Charlie starts off this talk with CalTech in 2008 by remarking on how he needed to develop humility in order to succeed and eventually become rich. And then he became generous. Charlie stresses how important it is to know the edge of your own competency, which is called “circle of competence.”

Charlie discussed several basic human psychology patterns that would benefit us in the pursuit of common sense, which is not common.

Without a doubt, Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett have been successful in part due to Charlie Munger’s influence. Charlie’s ability to draw from multiple disciplines and synthesize information helped those he influenced to make better decisions.

Success also comes from avoiding making others’ mistakes, which Charlie calls avoiding human folly as he spent almost 100 years collecting human inanities.

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