Charlie Munger's Secret Of Life

Charlie Munger’s Secret Of Life At Daily Journal 2023 Meeting

Charlie Munger reveals the secret of life, longevity, and more gems of wisdom. At the 2023 Daily Journal (DJCO) meeting, Becky Quick shared fantastic shareholders question to Charlie Munger who had both insightful and zany responses.

The key takeaways of Charlie’s wisdom in today’s video include:
-how to deal with getting old and if you can still trust your judgment (asked by my friend Adam Mead)
-the secret of life (asked by my friend Alejandro Salcedo)
-how to develop good judgment so you can succeed in life and in your personal finances
-what he thinks of Berkshire stock as an investment and the overall investment environment in the future
-the key to longevity at 99 and spoiler alert: it does not include exercise

You won’t want to miss Charlie’s reply to Adam Mead’s question, it was absolutely hilarious!!

Speaking of Adam Mead, I recently did an interview with him about how to value Berkshire Hathaway stock if you’d like to check out the video.

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