CAVA vs Chipotle Stock

Could CAVA Be The Next Chipotle? Alejandro Salcedo’s CAVA Stock Analysis

Alejandro and Michelle discussed CAVA, a growing fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant chain that reminds us of Chipotle.

CAVA just IPO’d on June 15, 2023 at $22 per share, but this stock has been as sizzling hot as the summer is! The last time I checked CAVA was trading around the $50 per share range, only about a month after debuting on the NYSE with ticker symbol CAVA. What convenient naming of company & ticker!

Michelle is pretty excited about CAVA because she’s enjoyed their food since 2016 in the Washington DC area.

As with prior videos, Alejandro analyzed the newly publicly traded CAVA with his Warren Buffett-style investing approach.

Alejandro explained what CAVA does and whether this type of company would fit Buffett and Munger-style investment criteria.

Since CAVA has a similar food assembly line approach as Chipotle, or what CAVA refers to as “chef casual” format with a “walk the line” model where people can choose which ingredients go into their meal.

CAVA has been growing rapidly with the number of restaurants growing at a 50% CAGR. Alejandro walked through CAVA’s figures, including from the income statement.

Alejandro shared his lessons learned so far about CAVA, and it’ll definitely be something to whet our mental appetites in terms of continuous study!

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It was really kind of Alejandro to present his company analysis with me, so thank you my friend!

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