Disney Analysis Alejandro Salcedo

Disney Company Analysis 2023 With Alejandro Salcedo (DIS)

Alejandro and Michelle discussed Disney as its stock has been beaten down but the company has a lot going for it.

In spite of Disney’s storied history and accomplishments, it has been encumbered by political controversy and the ousting of the prior CEO, Bob Chapek.

Like a knight in shining armor, Bob Iger came out of retirement to try to save Disney as its CEO again.

Though Iger’s been back since November 2022, can he steer the massive ship back in a direction that investors appreciate?

Disney Media and Entertainment features a rich library of content, including ABC, Fox, Hulu, and more. Much of Disney is available through its Disney+ streaming service. Bob Iger is considering raising the price of the streaming service.

The Disney Parks experience is still second to none as many flock to Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneylands all over the world, including California, Paris, Tokyo, and more.

Alejandro explained some of Disney’s most important recent acquisitions, including Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film (Star Wars), and Fox 21st Century.

He delved into the value of Disney that is not obvious along with an explanation of amortization. Alejandro explains potential reasons why Disney might be a Warren Buffett-style company.

Much like how Howard Schultz rescued Starbucks time and time again, there is great hope that Bob Iger will do the same with Disney since this leader is considered a home run hitter.

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