ETF Index Funds Mutual Funds Stocks & Bonds Explained!

In this video, I explain the common types of investments that many people are in, which includes stocks, bonds, index funds and/or mutual funds, and ETFs. At a high level, I review what these investment options are and what types of criteria I would look for if I were to invest in these securities/assets. I try to think about buying stocks like how Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger would. I do my best to understand the companies whose stock (equity) I would purchase.

However, as someone who is still saving for retirement, I also try to incur the least amount of expense ratios and transaction or commission fees when it comes to some of the funds that some of my retirement investments may be in. Everybody has different needs and values as far as deciding between what securities are right for their portfolios. This is one overview, and I hope it helps educate you on common options to be aware of and what you’ll encounter in retirement accounts like a 401k and IRAs.

I’m excited to be on a path to FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), and I look forward to making more investor friends. Lets connect on my Instagram @ michellemarki! 🙂