Graham Stephan's 20 Cent Cup of Bankroll Coffee: Does It Really Cost 20 Cents?

Graham Stephan’s 20 Cent Cup of Bankroll Coffee: Does It Really Cost 20 Cents?

With much excitement, I was on a quest to find out whether I could achieve 20 cent coffee with Graham Stephan’s new coffee line called Bankroll Coffee. Enjoy my story of how it compares to Starbucks!

As somewhat of a coffee connoisseur (or snob, if you will), I pay close attention to how much I pay for my daily caffeine cup o joe.

I share how I get Starbucks coffee for only $5.20 per pound (16 dry ounces) and how that stacks up with the Total Portfolio set from Bankroll Coffee.

Also, it seems like there isn’t only one definition for a cup?! It can range from anywhere between 4 fluid ounces to 6 fl oz to 8 fl oz. Graham seems to go with 6 fl oz per 10g (or 2 tablespoons) of coffee as being equal to one cup.

Based on the instructions on the back of a 12 dry oz bag of Bankroll, I scientifically and carefully weighed out enough coffee to make a Graham cup of coffee amount. I brewed this using a French Press instead of a regular coffee machine.

I took into consideration how Graham arrived at 20 cents or less for his cup of coffee in his past videos.

By comparing only apples to apples, as in only black coffee to black coffee (without all the extra input costs like milk/creamer or coffee filters), it was really eye opening for me to understand how expensive or cheap a cup of coffee can be.

This means we can save so much more money by not overpaying for coffee! And we can all become wealthy like Graham talks about by investing that saved amount.

I’m super grateful for Graham sharing his personal finance lessons, and I think he produced an excellent cup of coffee! Thanks G for this luxury, it is quite an iced coffee treat!

I look forward to making more investor friends! Add me on Instagram: michellemarki 🙂