How AI Is Impacting Alphabet, Nvidia, Amazon

How AI Is Impacting Alphabet, Nvidia, Amazon With Gabe (GOOG, NVDA, AMZN)

My friend Gabe and I discussed how tech stocks are being affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML).

Gabe aka Fuhat shared his insights the implications of AI on the technology industry going forward.

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Gave shared how Netflix might be able to deepfake voices into shows, so that might save costs by not having to hire as many voice actors.

He also mentioned natural image models like Google’s Imagen where you could feed it a prompt and it will make a picture. There are also other entities like Adobe, Craiyon, Fotor, Canva, or Hotpot offering AI image generators.

Gabe thinks the advancements in AI will help out Adobe’s business, but we may see some ethical issues. The AI models have been trained with content that may not have acquired the author’s permission.

With Google’s Bard we would be able to bridge language barriers better with natural language models. Michelle asked Gabe about whether Google is catching up with ChatGPT because its stock had been affected in Fall 2022 with the fear that ChatGPT would be a Google ads killer.

Gabe contends that while Google is entering the mature company phase, people forget that Google has one of the most advanced supercomputers working in their favor.

ChatGPT is a natural language model, whereas Google is looking to fetch you things.

The sleeping giant that people tend to forget about is Amazon, and they probably have the best AI department, says Gabe.

Amazon is shrouding itself in secrecy to keep up with the AI competition, and they’re making better prediction models for their ads and ecommerce businesses.

Nvidia’s stock (NVDA) has quadrupled since Fall 2022, and Michelle asked Gabe whether the AI hype is justified. From what Gabe has seen in the ML community, Nvidia is good for generic products. More niche would be Microsoft. Nvidia’s GPU computing is OK, but AMD and Intel are also working on ML models. Other semiconductor stocks may benefit from AI processing applications too.

The crown jewel of ML/AI is the concept of singularity where computers outmatch humans in turning into a sentient being, but Gabe doubts this will happen.

Gabe warns investors about generic AI that doesn’t do much, which reminds me of the dotcom era gold rush among websites that didn’t really deliver much value.

It was really kind of Gabe to share his professional insights with me, so thank you my friend!

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