Investing Like Warren Buffett

Investing Like Warren Buffett: My Personal Finance Journey

Handie Kunen aka Personal Finance Cat interviewed me regarding how I modeled my investing philosophy on Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

It was great speaking with Handie as she is a Podcaster, YouTuber, real estate investor and side hustler — much like many of millennials are. I am thankful for our conversation and hope it will help you along your personal finance journey.

Feel free to check out Handie’s YouTube Channel here.

The Personal Finance Cat podcast.

Check out Handie’s website with useful personal finance tips.

Handie asked me several questions during this conversation which included:
Can you tell us about your investing philosophy and how you approach finding value in the market?

Your channel often features in-depth analysis of individual stocks. How do you conduct research and analysis for your stock picks, and what criteria do you use to determine if a stock is undervalued?

How do you balance risk and reward when selecting stocks to invest in, and what strategies do you use to manage risk in your portfolio?

How do you stay disciplined and avoid making emotional decisions when investing in the stock market?

What was the biggest mistake you made in your investing journey?

What are the most valuable lessons you learned from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger?

What advice would you give to new investors looking to adopt a value investing approach?

How did you grow your social media presence, including your YouTube channel?

What other influencers in the value investing space would you recommend?

What is your favorite book either for investing or personal improvement in general?

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