Jeff Bezos & Jamie Dimon Predict Recession In 2023

Jeff Bezos & Jamie Dimon Warning Of Recession In 2023

The leaders of Amazon and Chase are getting ready for an economic hurricane.

In today’s video I discuss recent comments from Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase about the likely recession that could be unfolding by early 2023.

Even though one recession definition was met when the US GDP declined for the first two quarters in a row in 2022, that may not yet be cause for a recession.

On Twitter, Jeff Bezos shared his brief warning to “batten down the hatches” in reaction to Goldman Sachs’s CEO David Solomon saying a recession is likely.

Jamie Dimon has been more vocal throughout 2022 about the impending economic doom. He has shared many potential recession factors as reasons why consumers may run out of spending power after the end of this year.

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