New Year's Goal: Become a Better Human with 2 Books

New Year’s Goal: Become a Better Human with 2 Books

Happy New Year’s Eve and soon to be a 2021 New Year as we say ciao ciao to 2020! Let’s promise ourselves to accomplish one goal in the new year! I’m not about the big, grand “New Year’s Resolutions” but I do think there is value in goal setting and focusing especially on one really important thing we would like to channel our energies toward.

There’s something powerful about writing down one’s goal and making it into a promise to oneself. This is a little way to hold ourselves accountable to something we are not only setting our mind to do, but we have written evidence that we are motioning to get on this path.

If I might suggest, I have two books that can help us accomplish the goal of becoming a better human being. They are: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Influence by Robert Cialdini. People’s prime interests of 1) Health and 2) Human Relationship Skills, and if you have both you can accomplish quite a bit! Many successful people recommend these self-development books with crucial life lessons on human psychology and how to best develop our own money-making human relationship skills. In turn, I believe these lessons help us become both better human beings and investors in the long term.

I highlight some of my favorite lessons in this video. I discuss how every successful person loves “the game” that they’re in, and I liken this to the pursuit of investing happiness, which is a lifelong game of learning. I’m trying to develop my inner Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett by reading and re-reading books to re-learn lessons I might have forgotten. By being willing and having a desire to learn throughout our lifetimes, we are setting ourselves up to become successful in life.

My New Year’s Goal Promise has to do with the journey towards FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and getting to know more investor friends life yourself! I’d love to hear from you and get to know your name and what’s important to you!

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