Nvidia stock analysis

Nvidia Stock Analysis With Alejandro Salcedo (NVDA)

Alejandro and Michelle discuss Nvidia, the “envy” of semiconductor companies.

Alejandro shared his financial analysis of Nvidia’s balance sheet, debt, and cash flows.

CEO and Founder Jensen Huang fostered a culture at Nvidia that enabled it to succeed beyond many in the semiconductor industry.

In leading the AI/ML charge with its graphics cards (e.g. GPU), Nvidia has been delivering impressive revenue and other financial results that have driven its stock price way up.

NVDA is a 10 bagger since 2019, which is incredible how it went from $50 to $500+ per share in only 5 years!

As Alejandro said, the public has high expectations for this company and the semiconductor industry is cyclical.

What makes NVDA more compelling than other semiconductor companies like TSM, ASML, AMD, Micron, or Intel?

Intel’s stock has not done nearly as well as some of its competitors’ stocks so how do we know which chip company will prevail over a long period of time? Food for thought and more study!

It was really kind of Alejandro to present his company analysis with me, so thank you my friend!

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