PayPal Stock And FinTech Disruption Discussion With Gabe (PYPL)

PayPal Stock And FinTech Disruption Discussion With Gabe (PYPL)

My friend Gabe and I discussed how PayPal stock is doing amid disruptive FinTech trends.

The world of financial payments is evolving quickly as one of the earliest FinTechs, PayPal, has been struggling in the stock market. PayPal’s stock with ticker PYPL is currently off 80% from its all time high in 2021. Can PayPal regain its market share and reinstill investor confidence?

Gabe provided his insights into the latest changes at PayPal, including how they are increasing their focus on Braintree, a more B2B payments platform.

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Gabe shared his insights about crypto-related advancements in the financial services industry, such as what JPMorgan Chase is doing with making their coin available for consumers. Feel free to learn more about JPMorgan’s Onyx by visiting this link.

It was really kind of Gabe to share his professional insights with me, so thank you my friend!

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