Smart Money Portfolios Q4 2022

Smart Money Portfolios Q4 2022: Buffett, Munger, Pabrai, Spier, More

I discuss the latest investing activities of superinvestors I tend to follow as of Q4 2022.

By studying what superinvestors are investing in or not, their trends might give us new insights, investing ideas, and help us to become better investors.

It is fascinating that Berkshire Hathaway reduced their stake in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM) by 86%, going from a $4 billion+ investment to around $600 million. I wonder what changed to cause this lack of faith in this investment, or if they sold at a small profit and were eager to invest the proceeds elsewhere.

For those who like to keep tabs on Alibaba (BABA), DJCO still owned BABA as of Q4 2022 but Charlie Munger said Alibaba was one of his biggest mistakes at the recent February 2023 Daily Journal annual meeting.

I also discuss Mohnish Pabrai, Guy Spier, Li Lu, Bill Miller, and Michael Burry investments. I observed that Michael Burry bought a couple of Chinese ecommerce companies in Alibaba and, but who knows what Burry has up his sleeve. What could he be seeing that other superinvestors aren’t in these stocks?

It’s fascinating studying what some of the best investors are doing so I hope you found this review helpful!

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