Superinvestor Portfolios Q4 2023: Buffett, Munger, Li Lu, Spier, Pabrai, and Burry

Superinvestor Portfolios Q4 2023: Buffett, Munger, Li Lu, Spier, Pabrai, and Burry

I discuss the latest investing activities of superinvestors as of Q4 2023, including the late Charlie Munger’s Daily Journal holdings.

While Charlie Munger was no longer the Chairman of Daily Journal at the time of his passing in November 2023, sites like Dataroma still attribute the 13F filing of DJCO to one of the best investors of all time. Charlie may have been the GOAT (sorry Warren, tho you’re also a GOAT). I’m guessing DJCO will continue to honor Charlie’s longtime stock picks by keeping them as long into the future as possible.

By studying what superinvestors are investing in or not, their trends might give us new insights, investing ideas, and help us to become better investors.

It is somewhat shocking to me that Berkshire Hathaway sold entirely out of Markel (MKL), which I had believed to be a culturally like-minded insurance company similar in many ways to Berkshire. Could Buffett or one of his investing lieutenants be re-allocating the funds into other stocks or buying back Berkshire shares instead?

Why did Berkshire sell about 10 million shares of Apple or reduce their AAPL position by about 1%? Who knows, though it’s the kind of thing Buffett has done before and regretted it before. Usually, Buffett enjoys writing about how their slice of the Apple pie has been growing through Apple doing share buybacks!

I also discuss Li Lu, Guy Spier, Mohnish Pabrai, and Michael Burry investments. The American equity portfolios of Li Lu and Guy Spier appear to be dormant. Meanwhile, Pabrai has been investing in some stateside resource, commodity, and energy companies.

Interestingly, Michael Burry added to his positions in BABA and, both Chinese eCommerce tech stocks, but I wouldn’t read too much into these top two holdings in the Scion Asset Management portfolio. The irony is Burry sold entirely out of BABA in Q2 2023, only to buy back in Q3 and Q4 2023. Blind copycats beware.

By studying what some of the best investors are investing in or divesting out of, we can hopefully find potentially good investment ideas too. Or just get some cautionary tales.

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