Top 7 Ways To Help Mom Achieve Financial Security

Top 7 Ways To Help Mom Achieve Financial Security

Happy Mother’s Day Investor Friends! Give your Mom not only some flowers, but also a plan for her financial well-being so she can achieve financial security and freedom!

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I encourage you to discuss your Mom’s financial situation soon because the Covid pandemic has taught us that unexpected things can happen in life and we need to prioritize for retirement, medical expenses, and estate planning.

Did you know? The cost of raising a child is around $285,000 from birth to age 17, so our parents invested a lot in us. The least we can do is help them to be financially secure. I share stats about the value of unpaid family and child care, there’s likely 10 million single mothers, and the extent of the women’s retirement crisis and why action is necessary to improve this situation for women and mothers.

Millennials aren’t just mooching off their parents, 1 in 5 are financially supporting them, on averaging giving them $18,000 per year. This is all the more reason to help both our moms and ourselves to have a more financially free future.

I want to open up the communication lines because too few women, millennials and their parents are discussing these important financial matters with one another.

The 7 ways you can help your mom to be financially secure and thrive include:

One: Evaluate Mom’s Finances
Two: Take Action
Three: Insurance
Four: Will
Five: End of Life Preparation
Six: Changing Ways (Technology and Tax Rules)
Seven: Financial Commitments

Doing these things are the least we can do for Mom because she’s given us her all in raising us, teaching us good values, and being good citizens who help out in the community.

Our Moms deserve the world. We owe it to them to make sure they’re financially secure, especially as they get older.

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