Top 8 Beginner Investing Mistakes!

Top 8 Beginner Investing Mistakes!

I discuss the top 8 beginner investing mistakes that I’ve observed happen to a lot of people, myself included. By vicariously learning from others’ mistakes, you won’t have to go through them yourself!

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I’m not perfect, I make plenty of mistakes and I will make more in the future. Feel free to check out My Top 10 Investing Mistakes: Don’t Make These Mistakes video!

The list of the top 8 beginner mistakes I reviewed include:
One: Not Knowing Yourself
Two: Treating Investing Like Trading
Three: Obsessive Price Checking
Four: Not Doing The Homework or Research
Five: Extreme Bets & Leverage Kills
Six: Comparing Yourself To Others
Seven: Not Challenging Asset Allocation Models
Eight: Letting Perfection Be The Enemy

By avoiding or learning from these mistakes, you’ll become a better investor!

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