Top Women Investors You Should Check Out In 2021!

Top Women Investors You Should Check Out In 2021!

Today I’m honoring and celebrating women investors, starting with a few I admire the most and whom you should check out! I’m declaring September to be Happy National Women Investing Month so we can help more women succeed financially!

There is a lot of work to be done in encouraging more women to take ownership of their money, personal finances, and investing, and we need more women role models to show others how they can achieve their financial dreams too!

Among the many women investors I recognize in this video, I especially discuss the impact of Sallie Krawcheck, Danielle Town, Laura Rittenhouse, Laura Geritz, and Cathie Wood.

I highlight social media content creators: Signe Lønholdt, Rose Han, Lyn Allure, Erika Kullberg, Elena Taber, and a TED talk from Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen.

I gathered the faces of many of the top women investors popular articles cited because I think it’s important to help more women in investing and finance to be recognized. They could be professional money managers, private equity leaders, and everyday individual investors.

By showing how more women are rising as investors, maybe one day we will associate the word “investor” with both women and men equally. And better yet, by then more women will have achieved financial freedom and become their own investors!

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