Warren Buffett's Advice Will Change Your Financial Future

Warren Buffett’s Advice Will Change Your Financial Future

Legendary investor Warren Buffett’s advice will change your financial future for the better so you can get ahead of the financial game of life.

Warren Buffett shared much wisdom in how being frugal gets you ahead at the Nebraska Forum’s “Financial Future of American Youth” talk in 1999.

You may have won the ovarian lottery like Buffett did. He said that everyone who born in the US or can get to be in the US has the ability to reach their full potential because your talents and abilities can never be taken from you.

Buffett also suggested how to think about student loans, and the best thing to do is to try not to have any student loans, or to minimize them if need be. And then he also said to have a plan to pay off your student loans within 5 years.

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