Warren Buffett's Simple Investing Strategy For Any Market

Warren Buffett’s Simple Investing Strategy For Any Market

Warren Buffett revealed his simple investing strategy and his advice for learning how to invest.

Warren Buffett shared much investing wisdom at the Nebraska Forum’s “Financial Future of American Youth” talk in 1999.

No matter what the market conditions are, Buffett’s investing strategies are timeless. Buffett likes to find businesses with good economics, some kind of a moat around it that are its competitive advantages.

Buffett suggests that young people should first save and then develop your circle of competence about potential stocks you’d like to buy. When you are ready, then you can invest in the businesses or assets you understand well.

Buffett said that the US has an incredible position in the information technology revolution and for the American future, and think about how businesses and consumers are evolving given the huge changes high tech continues to bring.

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