Why Charlie Munger Buying More Alibaba Matters & BABA's Growing Cloud Business

Why Charlie Munger Buying More Alibaba Matters and BABA’s Growing Cloud Business

Charlie Munger doubling down on Alibaba led to a 15% stock price increase in the week ending October 8, 2021. I discuss Alibaba’s role in the growing cloud infrastructure, Superinvestors’ BABA activity, especially one that’s similar to Charlie Munger and Mohnish Pabrai.

Topics Reviewed:
-Why Alibaba Stock +15% This Week
-Charlie Munger’s DJCO Buying More BABA Lessons Learned
-Buy Wonderful Companies On Sale
-Events Causing Alibaba’s Stock Price Moves
-Is BABA a Value Stock? Free Cash Flows Matter
-Alibaba’s Role In The Growing Cloud Market
-Superinvestors Buying BABA Update
-Conifer Management Owning BABA
-Greg Alexander’s Link to Warren Buffett?
-If You’re Cloning Superinvestors

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